A Healthy Smile can be your greatest asset

Good Oral health is where total health and wellness begins. Having good oral health can bring life-changing benefits. Therefore, it’s important to keep oral health a top priority.

Teeth have a large role in a healthy smile and play a big role in our daily lives.  For example, teeth help us chew and digest food, assist to talk and speak clearly and provide shape to our face.

With a healthy smile comes several important daily benefits. For one, a healthy smile breeds confidence that can influence our lives socially, careers, and relationships. A healthy smile can not only change our visual appearance and positive mind-set, but can help overall health and wellness too!

It only makes sense to treat your oral health in the best way possible.

Here are 3 specific reasons to maintain the good oral health and why a healthy smile is so important.

1-Helps minimize the risk of disease

Our mouths provide an easy way for bacteria to enter our bodies. Not keeping up with your oral hygiene can lead to gum disease. Having gum disease allows bacteria to travel from our mouth straight to our bloodstream. When that happens, it can cause blood thickening providing a higher likely hood of blood clotting. If this happens, your heart suffers because its not getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs, leaving a higher chance of heart attack.

2-Can Improve your chances of living longer by keeping your teeth for life

Losing your teeth can be horrible. Not only for your appearance, but your confidence can go downhill quickly.  It can also lead to tooth loss which leads to dental decay and gum disease.

According to a new study by dentalhealth.org revealed that the number of teeth we have is highly correlated to our life expectancy. The study indicates that 20 teeth is the magic number to have by age 70. Those with a 20 or more by age 70 have a higher chance of living longer than those that don’t.

For this reason alone, it makes sense to take the best care of your teeth!

3-Maintaining your appearance can keep your confidence high  

Bad breath is very common, typically caused by plaque build-up and a leading indicator you may have gum disease and tooth decay. All of which can be extremely embarrassing, undesirable, and can negatively impact your confidence and mental health.

In addition to bad breath, tooth staining is another common condition of your appearance. Tooth staining is natural, however can be compounded by the usual suspects like smoking, lots of tea, coffee, and red wine. While stained teeth are not usually harmful, it is another factor that can lead to self-consciousness and lowering your confidence.

What can you do to take the best possible care of your oral health?

Brush your teeth!

Brushing teeth at a minimum of twice daily can help you keep your teeth clean and healthy. If you can, brush your teeth after every meal. 

To get the most out of every cleaning try using an electric tooth brush. It can keep your teeth, gums, and tongue cleaner than trying a traditional toothbrush. According to scientist, studies indicate that those who use an electric tooth- brush have healthier gums and less tooth decay. Plus, it does the work for you!

Floss Regularly

The American Dental Association says that you should floss daily and after every meal if you can. If you have braces or its just too hard to floss, try using a waterpik. They are easy to use making it more probable that you will clean your gums every day.

Whiten Your Teeth Every 3-6 Months

Keeping your teeth white leads to a healthy smile. A healthy smile enhances your appearance and can boost your confidence. Most teeth whitening solutions are affordable and easy to use.

Dr. Radfar, founder of RAD Health Inc, is a Sleep Specialist, Dentist, and Diplomat of American Sleep & Breathing Academy.

He's brought several products to the market to help provide the best oral hygiene possible. These include RAD Sonic Brush, RAD Water Flosser, and RAD Tongue.

Using all three consistently can help you keep your oral health and lead to a healthy smile.

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