Rad Tongue
$14.99 $9.99
Rad Tongue
Solve Bad Breathe Instantly... Created By A Dentist Do you oftentimes find yourself with bad breathe? Modern science has confirmed the majority of bacteria responsible for bad breath (80-90%) resides on the tongue. We hope we didn't ruin your next kiss! We're...
$14.99 $9.99
Rad Fresh
Cleans and Disinfects Bacteria and Fungus Spray Sports Guards, Retainers, Dentures, Invisalign (TM), Night Guards, Sleep Appliances Lasts 3 Months Helps prevent Cavities Helps reduce Gum Disease Helps reduce Bad Breath
Rad Water Flosser
Rad Water Flosser is the best way to floss your teeth. Perfect for cleaning around Braces, Implants, and Bridges Features Waterproof and Cordless so can be taken into the shower 1 Year Warranty 4 different tips
Rad Pet Dental Kit
Pet Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste Finger Brushes Water Additive  Dental Wipes with paste
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