Dr. Radfar appears on Dr. Bill Dorfman’s “Meet the Mentor™” Podcast

Meet the Mentor™ Podcast with Dr. Bill Dorfman is a weekly podcast that showcases mentors in many fields and industries that share their experiences with New York Times Best-Selling author and celebrity dentist.

Listen to Dr. Radfar as he shares his passion for fighting sleep apnea and insomnia, inspired from his own past battle. Also, learn more about why he created Rad Zzz sleep supplement, a revolutionary over the counter product that helps with insomnia and snoring.

Highlights Of Podcast Include:

1.Radfar’s own personal struggle with Sleep Apnea

2.His near-death experience that inspired his passion and purpose for overall sleep health

3.Signs and symptoms of Sleep Apnea

4.What to do if you think you have Sleep Apnea or sleep issues.

5.Radfar’s revolutionary over the counter sleep supplement RAD ZZZ


Learn first-hand detail about Dr. Radfar's story and what drives him.

Listen to the podcast here: Meet the Mentor™

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